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December 22nd, 2005

Props to My Left Knee and Foot

As a right-handed person, I often think that the right side of my body is the “better” side. After all, I do write with it – and that’s important. But this applies to everything. The right side of my stomach? Better. Right arm? Better. Right foot? Right knee?

Well… not so fast. I have to send a shout out to my left foot and left knee.

Not terribly long ago, I sprained my ankle. My right ankle. And through it all, my left foot soldiered on. Oh sure, I was hopping and limping around – but it did what it needed to do with nary a complaint! And when I fell down our front steps about a month ago, my right knee was sprained. My left knee? Not a mark on it. It kept bending without pain, and took on all of my weight.

That means my left knee is a stud. So is my left foot.

As I look back on this year and think about the great events that happened, the great people involved in my life, and everything that mattered, there’s a clear duo at the top of my Best Of list: my left knee and my left foot. To them I say, bravo. Bra-vo.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday December 22, 2005 -- 9:48:10 am
I agree. Down with the right. Up with the left!

DATE: Thursday December 22, 2005 -- 10:50:36 am
Right has always been right for me. But you're right. Left can be right too sometimes. Unless your left is always been right. Right?

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Thursday December 22, 2005 -- 9:33:06 pm
I'm right handed and it seems as though anything bad on my body (broken bones) have happened on the left side. Broken left femur, broken pinkie and a bad BAD BAD left knee.

Sure, I've had problems on the right side too, but not to the extend of the left. Remember, the word sinister has it's roots in Latin meaning LEFT.


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