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January 11th, 2006

The Age Project

The other day I got sucked into The Age Project, a web site that follows the “Hot or Not” mode of operation, but instead asks visitors to guess people’s age based solely on a photo. After you guess, you’re told how old the person really is and what the average guess is.

Since I’m often mistaken for significantly younger than I am, I decided to post my picture to see how old I appear to strangers. I was expecting 25 or 26, maybe even a little younger. I mean, after all, I was just carded a few weeks ago.

But, no. Apparently, to the nine people that have guessed so far, I appear to be 40. 40!

Not that 40 is old. But I’ve never once been told I look older than I am, so to be estimated at ten years older than my real age is a bit of a shock. I’m not even grey or bald! (Yet.)

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Paul May 6, 2009, 1:51 am

Site still exists, thankfully, and it also still demonstrates how very bad I am at guessing ages, thankfully.

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