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February 13th, 2006

The New Opera

As most of you probably know, I’m big a fan of the Opera browser. I’ve been using it since version 2.12 back in 1997 and continue to use it as my primary browser. After all, what other browser would let you have 78 tabs open and not crash your computer?

Almost six years ago, I was excited for the release of version 4. Today, I’m here to talk about a nice feature of version 9, technology preview 2. The option is “block content.”

If you right click on any page and choose “block content” you are given a modified version of the page you’re viewing. Any part of it that isn’t greyed out you can click on to block for the future. This is particularly handy on sites like BoingBoing that have loads of different-sized ads up and down the entire site, occasionally including some that may not be totally SFW. With this feature, you simply click on the various ads, filters are created, and the next time you visit the page, it’s much, much cleaner.

Also nice in version 9: built-in torrent support and thumbnail previews of specific tabs as you mouseover. Very nice.

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