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February 12th, 2006

Weekend Snow Day

Twelve inches of snow are on the ground and it’s a snow day! However, it’s also a weekend, so you’re not really getting a day off from anything… so, what do you do?

Today, we got up early and I walked the dog. She was up to her shoulders in snow, so the walk was pretty short. Then, the wife and I made some waffles, tempeh bacon, and tater tots for breakfast. We’re going to build an art storage unit, I’m going to do some writing, and there will certainly be some naps thrown in for good measure. Maybe even a mid-afternoon movie.

If you’re snowed in today, what are your plans?

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 8:33:28 am
Wow, real snow! I bet you're thrilled!

We're not snowed in, so it's a pretty normal Sunday 'round here.

DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 9:13:25 am
I didn't see shovel the sidewalks in that list Ryan. You wouldn't want to be in violation of Leesbrg law ;)

I'm going to take to the kids to the park to go sledding.

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 9:29:53 am
It's the perfect day to get started on the ridiculously long PS2 game I bought. But if I knew it would be movie day at your place, Ryan, I would have planned ahead. Is today the day for Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood?

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 9:39:13 am
We got two inches of snow, but only on cars. They're ain't shit on the streets, so it's pretty much a normal Sunday here.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 10:41:32 am
what? no character building by breaking you back shoveling the drive way?
I was up at 7am( couldn't sleep any more) and had the driveway cleared by 9am

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 1:00:38 pm
I shoveled shortly after breakfast. It wasn't too bad because we were smart: we parked the two cars back-to-back in the driveway so there was almost no driveway to shovel. It only took us six years to figure this trick out!

DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 4:51:24 pm
Heh. I always did that when were expecting snow in Leesburg. 2 cars covered about 90% of the driveway. I think I could park six or 8 in my current driveway - took about an hour to clear it and the deck.

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 12:19:58 am
We had flurries today in my neck of the woods. The first of the season. From my overhearing a cellphone conversation, you would have thought the National Guard was going to be called out.

For the record, I lived an hour north of Syracuse, NY for 3 years. I know what REAL snow's like.


FROM: Aanen
DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 9:31:09 am
It would take about 10 cars to cover our driveway.

I have family in Northern Mich, by MTU, and they've had about 200 inches so far, which is normal for them. This is nothing.

FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 7:27:21 pm
Gosh, I would have commented on this Ping over the weekend; except that I was out enjoying the sunny, warm California weather.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 11:11:49 pm
Heh, here it is Monday night and I'm finally done shovelling. That jerk with the streetplow just keeps putting it in the end of the driveway. Ugh, I've only cleared half the driveway and left one car buried. It's supposed to warm up anyway, so I'll just let it melt.

The garbage cans are all still buried, too, so just the trash that's in the house will go to the curb tonight.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 11:12:55 pm
Well, not actually the curb, but a giant pile of snow somewhere near the curb. The trash will actually be about five feet above the curb.

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