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March 3rd, 2006

Bill Cosby is a Jerk

I tell ya, Bill Cosby is an entertaining man. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his stand up stuff (particularly “Chocolate Cake for Breakfast”) and even liked The Cosby Show a whole bunch.

But lately, he’s acting like a jerk. It’s not because of his comments about African-Americans, no. It’s because he’s successfully brought down a cartoon parody of himself called House of Cosbys. The originals, created by Justin Roiland, were taken down after Bill’s lawyers served him with cease-and-desist letters – and he couldn’t afford to fight a legal battle, of course. It’s a tactic used against bloggers and web folks since most of them don’t have the means to fight.

But, Andy over at does. So he’s been hosting House of Cosbys, probably waiting for the day that Bill Cosby’s lawyers would serve him. Now they have and the good news – the great news – is that he’s going to fight. It’s time someone took a stand, not just in this case, but in an effort to protect the liberties we’re granted. Darn it!

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday March 3, 2006 -- 11:34:56 am
After reading the story, I would have used stronger language than "jerk," but I guess you don't want to be on a long list of defendants who could be sued by The Coz.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Seems that some people just get a little too big for their britches, y' see.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Saturday March 4, 2006 -- 9:13:13 pm
It's Saturday at 9:37pm and no new Ping. Did Cosby shut you down? Oh crap.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Saturday March 4, 2006 -- 9:18:15 pm
What the? It's there now. I swear it wasn't there before.

DATE: Sunday March 5, 2006 -- 11:21:37 am
Thats weird, i talked to Andy a year ago about AIM fight, and he is talked about on the ping. It is a small world.

FROM: voice of reason
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 1:41:35 pm
Well maybe bringing down a website was wrong! I agree there.
But his comments critisizing some of african american attitudes were right on the money!

FROM: pope hentai
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 8:54:02 pm
the question really though is if the problem is actually bills or just his lawyers bein dicks on his behalf.....

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