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March 20th, 2006

The World Trade Center Movie

I can’t believe it: there is actually a movie called World Trade Center coming out in August. You can guess what it’s about.

I think it’s absoutely crass and tasteless for there to be a movie about September 11th, frankly, even if it is “a true story”. I mean, was there a movie about Pearl Harbor just five years after it happened? No – while From Here to Eternity included it as a plot point, it was 12 years after the attack. And Tora! Tora! Tora! wasn’t until ’70.

I don’t even consider the fact that it’s an Oliver Stone movie to be relevant here. If he was going to do something worthwhile, he’d do up a Fahrenheit 9/11-style investigation right.

It’s insulting that we’re constantly told to not forget September 11th, to buy magnetic ribbons for our car, to use it as an excuse for going to war in the Middle East, and to spend $10 to see a movie about it. It’s insulting and sadder that this movie will probably be well received and seen by millions of people. We’re all still recovering from it. Stop selling it to us.

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