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March 19th, 2006

Another Family I Hate

Paul reminded with yesterday’s Ping that there’s another family I hate.

There’s a Century 21 commercial showing now with a husband and a wife standing in their darkened kitchen about how they can’t afford the new house she wants. He, being the stick in the mud, is very hesitant about moving even though the house is in a neighborhood with great schools. “But the kids are only 3 and 1,” he says. The wife looks at him in a very concerned fashion, with a look that says, “If we don’t move, I’ll realize I don’t love you and will divorce you and run off with the mailman.”

“We can do it,” she says. Then, a voice from the phone speaks up.

“I’ve worked the numbers, you can do it.” It’s their forking Century 21 realtor. OF COURSE SHE SAYS YOU CAN DO IT, SHE WANTS YOUR COMMISSION. DON’T GIVE IN, MAN, DON’T GIVE IN!

He gives in.

The wife realizes that she does indeed love the idiot and the realtor says, “Great, let me get to work on it.”

I hope this family moves next door to the damn peanut butter family. They deserve each other.

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