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March 22nd, 2006

New Last Name

When my wife and I got married there was a bit of question over our last names. Would she take mine? Would I take hers? Or – the wild card – would we make a new last name out of both of ours?

Most couples seem to do the traditional “she takes his name” route if a man and woman are involved. In our case, my wife moved her maiden name to her middle name and took my last name – and uses her full name the vast majority of the time.

I admit I wondered about the new name idea. It was kind of like putting two Lego buildings together and coming up with something new – it’s not really a firehouse and a school anymore; it’s a fireschoolhouse. Thing is, I don’t know anyone who has ever done this in real life. Seems like it’s mostly out there as an option and that’s about it. Are you a member of a fireschoolhouse?

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