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March 24th, 2006

Dining A to Z

My wife and I formalized plans for our annual vacations last week, and one of our stops is going to be our kind of town, Madison, Wisconsin. We did everything a good set of travelers would: we used Hotwire for our hotel and Googled everything else. But there was a heavy question hanging in the air: where the heck would we eat while we were there?

Sure, Madison is a scant trip from Chicago but we’ll be on vacation and coming back to the city for meals would be most inconvenient. Then, while searching for a particular restaurant, we discovered Eating in Madison A to Z. And as we read we both thought it was a brilliant idea.

The blog’s authors are dining at every restaurant in Madison; one per week, in alphabetical order per the local paper Isthmus‘s dining guide, until they’re done. They then note their experience (without giving a typical in-depth and boring review), grade the ‘straunt, and add that to the blog. They’re currently into the “E”s. I admit I’m a little worried because the last entry was in mid/late-February, but I trust the dining duo is still on the case.

In any event it really is a swell idea for a blog. It can’t happen in Chicago because it’s just too darn big but, for a city the size of Madison, it works well.

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