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April 7th, 2006

Oblong Oreos

Hopefully Paul won’t mind me stealing a link he found here, but I’m covering his Ping for him tomorrow, so I don’t feel too guilty.

The next new type of Oreo coming to market? The oblong Oreo. This “limited edition” (read: trial run) item will be focused on dunking and will have “soaked,” “soggy,” and “dry” lines on the cookie for “fun and easy dunking.”

Fun and easy dunking? Last time I checked, it didn’t take a mathematician to figure out how to dunk an Oreo. And fun? I think too many things are labeled “fun.” There aren’t that many fun things in life. Trust me.

My biggest concern, though, is that the twisting will become an issue. And how is one truly supposedly to enjoy an Oreo if they can’t twist it? I stay up late at nights worrying about things like this.

Rest assured, when the oblong Oreo hits the market, we’ll be there to bring you the news.

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