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April 12th, 2006

Coke Blak

I just heard about Coke Blak this morning via a weblog post on the internets. And I tell you: I am afraid of it. I’m not sure if the 133t spelling of “black” is causing my fear, or the fact that it’s coffee-flavored Coke. But still. It’s scaring me.

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FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 12, 2006 -- 9:06:00 am
I heard that these were just released yesterday, but I saw it in the supermarket last week.

On time or early, still sounds like ass to me.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Wednesday April 12, 2006 -- 10:12:32 am
I have not seen it around here in my part of NJ. If anyone gets a chance to try it, let me know how good (or bad) it is.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 12, 2006 -- 11:00:08 am
Two Words: Pepsi Kona.

That is all.

FROM: Bwana Barnes
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 2:08:29 pm
For years Asian markets have sold canned coffee. I have no idea why nobody has tried to market the canned coffee to a bigger market. I want to try the latest Coke product. If I like it it will be taken off the market. As an army brat in Frankfurt, Germany in the late fifties I drank carbonated apple juice. Carbonated apple juice should sell here because it is better for you than cola but nobody buys it except me. Another is Dr. Brown's Celery Tonic which is ginger ale that is mild and tastes like celery and not ginger. I had a major intestinal operation and could not take anything by mouth for days. I stopped thinking about sex and started remembering good cheap restaurants and celery tonic.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 2:27:26 pm
I have no idea why nobody has tried to market the canned coffee to a bigger market.

Coke Blak isn't just coffee, but it might be a parlay on Coke's part to nudge people into getting used to drinking coffee from a can. If that's the case, it's a really brilliant marketing strategy (darn it).

I've had canned coffee from Trader Joe's in the past, and enjoy it. But it's not hot, and I think that's a lot of the problem, self-heating cans notwithstanding.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 2:32:16 pm
Bwana made me remember: When Slice was introduced in the 80's, they made a darned tasty Apple soda that was taken off the market waaaay too quickly. Come to think of it, there were a bunch of unusual flavors, if I can recall..Pineapple, Apple, Strawberry..It was weird in the 80's, but tasted pretty good.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 2:33:56 pm
Not two minutes after posting this, I went to, and noticed that they are advertising an Apple Fanta. Anyone seen this around?

DATE: Sunday April 16, 2006 -- 3:04:40 pm
I saw coke blak thursday night, it was 4 dollars for a four pack. I would have gladly invested one dollar to test one bottle for flavor, but risking four bucks? no way.

DATE: Sunday April 16, 2006 -- 10:21:14 pm
It taste like a Worthers Butterscotch hard candy with an after taste. Not real bad but i wouldnt make it my regular drink.

FROM: cokeblaktasteslike [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday May 27, 2006 -- 7:39:38 pm

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