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April 19th, 2006

The essential car book

In the past two months, my wife and I have gotten rid of both of our cars and purchased two to replace them, one new and one used. In all four of our cars, though, there’s one thing that remains consistent — Dome vehicle logs.

These cheap, simple logbooks are where we keep track of our gas mileage and costs, noting down miles traveled on each tank, total miles, cost to fill up, and cost per gallon as well as the date and gas station chain. Interestingly (or, perhaps, not so much), we don’t use the auto mileage logbook to keep our information, but a modified version of the vehicle expense record because I like the layout better.

It’s a simple thing, but this logbook comes in mighty handy when keeping an eye on how well our cars are doing in terms of mileage and how much we spend on gas per month. In addition, we keep our gas receipts in the middle of the book. Huyen sorts hers newest to oldest while I do the oppposite.

I should note that while I endorse Dome’s vehicle logs, I don’t have any experience with their jock strap.

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DATE: Wednesday April 19, 2006 -- 10:38:04 am
I calculate the mileage frequently and take note if it seems low, but I don't record every fill up. I do track all routine maintenance and repair work in a spreadsheet though.

FROM: Lord Vader
DATE: Friday April 21, 2006 -- 2:27:15 am
Holy carp dude, you keep track of all that.

You must be intimately familiar with Dome' "anal rententer"

FROM: Fenry Honda
DATE: Sunday April 23, 2006 -- 12:45:53 pm
With all of the computers on the modern car. The car should be able to keep records of gas useage. If you got satnav the car should be able to even record the location of the fill up. Oh, well the car clocks could be synched to NIST in Fort Collins but they do not even do that. But do not worry many cars keep track of your speed and brake usage so that they can go to the junk yard and get that information in case of a crash.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday April 24, 2006 -- 2:15:47 pm
Jeezuss! Who has time for all that? Damn.

How much, where, cost per fill up and per gallon? If we were keeping track of the skyrocketing price of Oreos and Oreo derivatives, sure, I can see it. Hell Yeah, even. Like how come the Hannaford grocery store chain in Maine and thereabouts can sell giant packs of oreas with ten columns of Oreos for only two dollars more than the regular three-column pack? Yet this 10 pack is available nowhere else?

But something as unimportant as gas? No way. No way at all. Quit wasting your time.

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