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April 28th, 2006

Soda Drinking

Time for a Ping Poll (informal, of course): how often do you drink soda?

These days, I drink very little. I’d say once every two months I’ll get a soda at a restaurant. Probably about the same frequency I’ll actually get a taste for it at home and buy a six-pack at the grocery store. The only time I really increase my consumption is when I’m driving during a long trip… at that point, I tend to have a 20 oz bottle (which is quite a bit of soda) in each direction.

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DATE: Friday April 28, 2006 -- 11:40:31 am
I drink a diet soda with lunch every day .

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 28, 2006 -- 11:49:00 am
I probably have two diet sodas a day. Since it used to be two Mt. Dews, I figure that's a step in the right direction.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 28, 2006 -- 1:19:22 pm
I'm not as hopelessly addicted to Diet Pepsi/Coke as I used to be. I'm drinking a lot more water now than I used to.

FROM: Riley
DATE: Friday April 28, 2006 -- 1:59:23 pm
I used to drink like 3 cans a day. Now I only get cokes when I go out to eat. Lately I've been drinking nothing but water and tea.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Saturday April 29, 2006 -- 6:22:49 am
OK, for the past 10 years or so, I've drank 4 liters a day (two 2 liter bottles - straight from the bottle) pretty much every day, and often 6 liters a day (three 2 liter bottles), and I've even done a handful of 8 liters a day (four 2 liter bottles) which is truly a lot. This is normally Diet Pepsi or, when available, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, or sometimes recently Diet Dr. Pepper. Every couple of a years I try to quit altogether but never can hang on more than a month or so. For the past month I've cut myself down to 2 cans/day (although also add about 40 oz. during lunch). I've noticed I've been sleeping better with the lower intake and hopefully will be able to continue in moderation.

DATE: Sunday April 30, 2006 -- 1:17:56 pm
Soda--rarely. Soda (or POP) has lost it's appeal since the transition from glass to plastic. But, like butter and salt, certain things require soda. Example: Popcorn and cola. A must.

FROM: Riley
DATE: Sunday April 30, 2006 -- 1:31:48 pm
I agree with Eek. What else really goes with pizza?

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 1:12:21 pm
What else goes with pizza? Need you really ask?? BIG BOY (or GIRL) Soda.... a/k/a Beer!

My favorite soda is by far Fresca... Love that tangy citrusy taste... next to that are root beer and cream sodas.

As much as I drink coffee and occasionally UNsweetened tea (in and of itself, heresy in the south), I seldom drink caffeinated sodas.


FROM: Fern Felafull
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 5:27:30 pm
Years ago, when I was a munchkin, my parents used to give me carbonated juice. Much better for your body. I have a craving for celery tonic which is like ginger ale only milder with celery flavoring. Junk food and veggies combined. I had to have am "ileostomy". Look that up on the www. I could not take anything by mouth and started craving celery tonic. When the operation was reversed three weeks later I wanted water. After two days I was allowed out of my room and I got weird looks from the staff because I was trying to taste water from the fountain without ingesting it because I had instructions not to take anything by mouth.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 10:11:49 pm
I have really cut the hell down on soda. Growing up, soda was the default beverage. I drank it all the time.

Now, I have a soda with lunch and maybe one with dinner - but that's it. Water is the main thing I drink all day and, yes, that means I pee a lot, too. Hooray for peeing!

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 10:19:23 pm
I drank way too much Coke growing up (see earlier Ping in which I explain how it harms your teeth and bones) so I don't touch the stuff anymore, but once in a while, in a funky cafe or diner, I will have an organic soda like the Switch. It's expensive enough to prevent it from turning into a serious habit. There's another brand with no artificial colors, the name of which escapes me right now.

So I would have to say I have maybe 3 or 4 sodas a month.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday May 2, 2006 -- 11:28:15 am
Never. I never was a big soda drinker. I drank more when I lived in the Midwest and it was called pop. Down South, where it's all called coke or cold drink, I didn't drink much, either. Now that I'm in New England and it's soda, I still don't want any.

The only time I drink soda is if I'm after caffeine on a drive or if I didn't sleep well, then it'll be a Coke Classic (is it still called classic?).

I hate fruity soda. Canada Dry is a nice thing to have, but I only drink it when I'm ill, just because that's when I got it when I was a kid. Vernor's, if you live in an area that has it, is really good ice cold--it's like ginger ale and cream soda together with a shot of sour apple.

Mostly, I drink water. I've even given up coffee, and I'm a former resident of New Orleans, so that was HUGE. Coffee is everything down there--okay, maybe it's third behind alcohol and breasts. I don't need a jolt in the morning to get started, so why bother?

FROM: Riley
DATE: Wednesday May 3, 2006 -- 7:57:45 am
Steve A: I didn't forget beer I just hate the taste of it; besides I'm strongly anti-alcohol.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Wednesday May 3, 2006 -- 8:26:26 am
Riley - fair enuf.


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