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April 27th, 2006

An Amazing Picture

I just wanted to pass along this amazing picture:


Three 80’s sitcom stars in one shot! First prize goes to the person to name the characters each of these three people played.

Posted in Television, Movies, and Music

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 11:01:32 am
from Left to right:
Vickie - (Small Wonder
I recognize the actress in the middle but her name escapes me for the moment
Sam - Who's the Boss

What's the prize for 2nd place?

FROM: courtney
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 11:10:01 am
Isn't the middle one from Charles in Charge?

FROM: Maria
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 11:58:49 am
The middle one is Josie from Charles in Charge!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 2:07:15 pm
VERY close... right now just waiting for the correct character name from Charles in Charge (Maria -- you were close, but that's the actress' first name).

No peeking at IMDB (even though I had to to double check)!

FROM: Riley
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 2:28:48 pm
Vickie from Small Wonder, Sarah from Charles in Charge, and Sam from Who's the Boss. What do I get?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 3:16:54 pm
Your name in lights!


FROM: Riley
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 4:20:19 pm
That is such a gay prize. Plus it didn't even work, I feel like no one loves me.


FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 2:12:32 pm
That's because no one loves you.

Sorry, but it's the truth.

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