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May 15th, 2006

License Plates

On one of the other sites I maintain, there’s a topic about vanity license plates. So let’s start one here… record any that you see that stand out as particularly good or bad.

I’ll start. This morning I saw: 1000101.

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 9:47:14 am
Best one ever, perhaps, was one I spotted with Pinger Greg many years ago. It was on a big ol' Ford Crown Victoria.


FROM: COD [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 10:14:54 am
An article in the Fburg paper yesterday stated that VA is #1 in vanity plates (on a per capita basis)

My favorite is the vanity horse enthusiast plate on our truck - but I don't think I want to post it here!

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 10:51:36 am
I saw one on the way home from work one day that was 7777778 strange

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 3:23:17 pm
VA's that way because they make it so damn easy AND cheap. While I lived there I had two different vanity plates. One was YOBTYA (which is a VERY bad phrase in russian) and BAKPAKN.

The best I'd ever seen was 2DIE4 on an old hearse. With that thought in mind, I almost bought an old Caddie hearse when I lived in NY. I had the plate picked out: Ded Meet.


FROM: jk
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 10:00:49 pm
Someone in Lancaster has a Spyder with a plate that says "M I EVIL". He has stuffed spiders on his dash.....strange man. No I don't know him, don't want to either!

FROM: Abbey
DATE: Wednesday May 17, 2006 -- 6:09:28 pm
Once I saw one that said "LUV LIF". whoever's it was doesn't have a love life but a love liff.

FROM: Mike
DATE: Wednesday May 17, 2006 -- 9:43:19 pm
I see the same guy in a Mustang a few times a week on I-270 in Maryland.


FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday May 18, 2006 -- 12:23:18 am
My friend Amy has a New Beetle and the plate reads BUG AMY.

FROM: kr8z4katz
DATE: Saturday May 20, 2006 -- 5:20:42 pm
hi everyone,
i have been reading for over 2 hrs here & been lmao at the quik lube dialogues. i was doing a survey & googled 4 an answer & found your site. once i started reading i couldn't stop. paul, i wish i had half the quik wit u & others here have.

when i saw this blog i had 2 put my 2 cents in. i have a vanity plate & just rec'd my daggone renewal 4 it here in NC. 58 bucks??? its time 2 retire mine. that's more than dbl the reg rate & damn....i've had the same plate for 6 yrs. i can see if the convicts had 2 'ping' out a new 1 every yr but this is ridiculous! will be obsolete come Nov.

with all that tag says SEE88GO

lets see how long it takes 4 someone 2 tell me what it means. i've given several hints so it shouldn't be that hard.

**COD...what's not to post? is your tag not on your car 4 everyone 2 see anyway? guess u're just a tad shy?

i'm glad i found this forum. we can get a load of crap off our minds & if we're grammatically challenged, paul can enlighten us. {just pickin on ya paul. or is that pinging on ya?}

have a great wkend everyone....SEE88GO!! varooommmm i'm outta here 4 now.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday May 20, 2006 -- 11:57:16 pm
Holy god, my IQ fell 10 points trying to read that last comment.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday May 21, 2006 -- 9:54:00 pm
Only 10? You done got out easy like.

L.V. February 18, 2007, 10:32 pm

My grandparents were from Finland so my mother’s first name is Helvi. That would entitle me to a plate saying -HELVIS-. A frame would saying “I really am” would go nice with it. Second best would be -LVS-. Btw I was born before Elvis was more than just a truck driver.

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