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May 30th, 2006

A Simple Alarm Clock Design Improvement

By far, the thing that is the most annoying about 99% of alarm clocks is setting the time – be it the alarm or the actual time. In most cases it involves holding down one button while tapping another… and if you overshoot it, too darn bad.

So here’s how you improve it: first, have a button or slider that sets the mode (“Set Clock”, “Set Alarm”, “Neither”). Then, have – ready? – a rotary dial. It could even be a slick touch-sensitive thing like on the face of the iPod.

The dial could let you go forwards or backwards. That way, getting to 7:01 doesn’t mean you have to press “MIN” 59 more times.

Problem solved!

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Enuf January 15, 2009, 11:35 pm

I used to hate waking up and could never fall asleep, sleeping sucked, being awake sucked. Always tired. Nowadays I have a thing that wakes me after the neareast dream closest to 7am. Took a bit of coding, but darnthe-f-damnit, it has changed my life! Hardware I use is a webcam, pc and a speaker.

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