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June 6th, 2006

Reply All

Why do so many people use Reply All in their email clients? Is it laziness? Ignorance? Both?

I mean, there are times for Reply All. But not very many, and I’m sure the number of times Reply All was used to embarrassing effect outweigh those it was used appropriately.

Go ahead and delete Reply All from your email client’s toolbar. I don’t think you’ll miss it. And Microsoft and Apple? Kill it from your default mail apps.

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FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 6, 2006 -- 11:29:35 am
I work in an office where internal politics are bitter, and much is blamed on "lack of communication". So most things go back to all people, if not more people than were on the original email. It's just protection.

But for personal email? Or cases where only one person is going to care about it? I do pick and choose who gets things. It's just that any time a higher-up person gets "in the loop", I take care to leave them there.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Tuesday June 6, 2006 -- 1:22:56 pm
A friend of mine used to send me those annoying chain e-mails. i hit reply all so everybody got it again.

DATE: Tuesday June 6, 2006 -- 3:48:20 pm
What we need is a tool that will let me remotely disable the 'reply all' button on other people's computers.

FROM: Richard
DATE: Friday June 9, 2006 -- 2:42:22 pm
email can cause all sorts of grief. In the office, get off your butt, walk over to the recipient and have a conversation. You'll enjoy the excercise and the break away from the monitor.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday June 9, 2006 -- 2:44:53 pm
In the office, get off your butt, walk over to the recipient and have a conversation.

This is great advice for those of you out there who are telecommuting with people in other countries.

FROM: Richard
DATE: Saturday June 10, 2006 -- 1:08:37 am
LOL - see - by Paul's message we got some grief! Case Closed. Thanks Paul!

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