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June 8th, 2006

Twix Dunking

The other night before bed, my wife and I had a heated discussion over Twix (it was just that kind of day – we needed it.) It started with her wanting to be able to buy just the Twix cookies by themselves – no chocolate or caramel to be found. Great idea.

I then wished for a Twix cookie – one that was shaped like a traditional cookie, but was still Twix. Jeani thought this was kind of silly because, well, it already is a cookie. I defended my choice by saying that would be just as dunkable as a regular Twix.

Which then led her to ask, “Who dunks a Twix, anyway?”

I admit, I haven’t… probably ever. But Jeani’s argument was that dunking a Twix is futile because the chocolate coating wouldn’t absorb anything. Only once a bite was taken would it matter. I said, in return, that even though the coating doesn’t absorb anything, it still leaves a nice, milk (or whatever you dunk it in) flavor on the outside. I think it’s fine.

Twix: dunk or no dunk? These are the important issues.

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