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June 11th, 2006

Moving in

Yesterday, I helped a friend (and Pinger) move into a new apartment. In the past, when I moved into an apartment or helped someone else move, the most painful things were dealing with stairs going up to the higher floors and getting large furniture pieces around corners in the apartment itself. The complex that he moved into yesterday, though, was quite different than usual. The stairways all had oversized landings, making it very easy to carry large items up. And then his apartment was designed in such a way that large items were easy to maneuver around corners. Not one time did we think, “We might need to rig up a pully system for this…” I can’t say that about previous moves.

So, hurrah to the designer of this particular apartment complex. Not only did they allow for plenty of parking, but they also took into account move in (and move out) day.

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