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June 13th, 2006


Is it just me or is Go-Gurt not only a disgusting product in theory (squeezable yogurt? *wretch*), but in name? “Go-Gurt” sounds like one what does after squeezing their yogurt from a tube, as in “I just go-gurted all over my shirt.”

Why do kids love Go-Gurt? Why the “fun tube and interactive promotions,” of course! Yay for marketing speak! Kids Love their tubes and promotions!

An interesting note: you’d think that a yogurt product would at least provide kids with some of their daily calcium, right? Well, it does, but only a mere 10% of the RDA.

Maybe I’m just an old man railing against gross products marketed towards kids the way that my parents generation rallied against Caprisuns (remember the Caprisun Riots of 1985?), but to me, Go-Gurts are just a foul, foul product whose appeal is beyond my comprehension.

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