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June 14th, 2006

Roll Your Own MST3K

Like everyone else, I miss Mystery Science Theater 3000 something awful. It was so brilliant, so funny, so… good. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled to see Peanut Gallery, a program which lets you essentially roll your own MST3K episodes.

Haven’t downloaded it yet (fool), but you can use any movie – including a DVD – and watch it with other people. Great, right? Well, you all get to pick silhouettes for display in front of the screen – and the whole thing takes place in a little theater complete with credits, curtains, and (presumably) popcorn stuck to the floor.

You can naturally share the movie with other people on your network or over the internets, which really makes it wonderful. During the film, you can chat via typing, talking (built-in mic, of course), and animate your character. Just like MST3K!

This really is a brilliant idea. Don’t worry – I’m downloading it now. Peanut Gallery is Mac only, of course.

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