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June 17th, 2006

A new warning

I saw a commercial earlier this morning for the Scion xB. It featured a lot of colorful animation to show the many ways one can buy the car. At the bottom there was a warning, a really silly one, one that I’d never seen before:

“Animation, not an actual car.”

If you need that warning, you shouldn’t be driving.

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FROM: aharris
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 4:11:33 pm
I took a logic class once and we talked about those "small print warnings" in commercials. Advertisers take into account the savvy-ness of today's consumer. For example, in a sports car commercial you'd see fine print to the effect of "you'd have to be crazy to try these stunts!". Since today's buyer actually reads the small text, they'd see the text and realize it was a joke on the advertiser's part.

Of course you can't be sure but I'd assume the above was, if not an out and out joke, probably tongue in cheek.

FROM: Riley
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 5:13:15 pm
I've seen some pretty good ones.

1.) On the car commercial where everyone in their cars has a megaphone and is saying something like, "because daddy never loved me" and "because I make more money than you." The commercial says that the car being advertised has the lowest ego emissions of any european made car, and then the person in the car throws a megaphone out the window. At the bottom in fine print it says, "please do not throw megaphones or metaphors out of your windows."

2.) On the recent Orbit commercial involving Snoop Dogg going to heaven at the bottom it says "Chewing Orbit will not get you into heaven."

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