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June 16th, 2006

Comcast’s Big Jump

So every so often, we consider upgrading our cable TV. We currently have Basic service – so basic that even the “S” isn’t capitalized – that includes about 20 channels (all local) plus Spike and Animal Planet (unsure why, but hey, TNG reruns!)

I called the other day to see if there was a special going on – you know, Expanded Basic (?) for $20 or whatever. We’re paying $8/month right now.

First, I was put on hold for ten minutes. I got to listen to some great offers, like $90/month for all sorts of channels and stuff. Once I got to speak to an actual person, though, it was pretty much a wash. “Sir, I’m sorry,” she said repeatedly – it was her default phrase – “We’re not running any deals. One moment… Sir, I’m sorry. Sir? I’m sorry.”

“So how much is the next tier of service – one without a cable box?”


“So you’re telling me that there’s nothing between the $8/month Basic I’ve got right now and the $50/month Expanded Basic?”

“That’s correct. Sir, I’m sorry.”

Me, too. Gee whiz, that’s a big jump: $42. For that price, I could get a month’s worth of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from iTunes for $20, and spend the remaining $22 on, well, anything. Like, say… Netflix!

That? Would be Comcastic!

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