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June 29th, 2006

One Piece of Pop Culture You Could Do Without

C’mon, play grumpy old man/woman with me — name one piece of modern pop culture you could do without.

I’ll start: custom ringtones (and even moreso, custom ringtone commercials on TV).

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DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 10:51:42 am
Reality shows. TV should be make believe damn it!

I'm not real big on TV quiz shows at the moment either :)

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 11:03:43 am
Entertainment reporting.

I care far more about my friends' babies than Angelina's. She's just another person--who really needs to know everything about her life? Sheesh.

FROM: aanen
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 11:04:12 am
cell phones

nothing but an electronic leash!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 12:04:26 pm
MP3 players. Oh, wait. I have done without. Still don't have one.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 12:28:09 pm

I know, I know.

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 12:34:31 pm
Jailin'. Pull yer damn pants up, whippersnapper!

FROM: Leslie
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 5:32:12 pm
Two words, "Product Placement". Remember back in the good 'ol days when the commercials knew their place? I swear I'll vomit the next time I see Carmindy shove Crest Whitestrips in my face on TLC's, "What Not To Wear"!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 8:01:10 pm

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 30, 2006 -- 11:58:05 am
Entertainment/Pop Culture news shows.

...and get those kids off my lawn, dammit.

FROM: Roberto Nuevo Corso
DATE: Sunday July 2, 2006 -- 11:08:03 am
How about people that abuse the flag by sticking a cloth version to the side of their car and driving 70 mph down the interstates until most of it disappears and it is covered with road crud. That is not respect for the flag and it is apparently done by right wing nutters. It is illegal under the federal code books. There is no penalty but it is illegal. The amendment failed but I wish they passed a penalty for taping to a car. The only time it is OK is when you are in a parade driving slower than George Giggles Bush.

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