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August 9th, 2006

Botched Cooking

Today’s question for the peanut gallery (unless you’re allergic to peanuts and you’re in a different gallery) is: what’s the strangest food you’ve ever ruined/botched/burned?

For mine, I think back to my part-time job in high school as a physical therapy assistant. One sunny spring afternoon around 4pm, I got the taste for some delicious and nutritious donut holes. It just so happened there were some in the office kitchen, which was just off of the main therapy room with the treadmills, stationary bikes, and mobility equipment. I didn’t want cold donut holes, though, so I decided to take a few and heat them up in the microwave.

That day’s lesson was that two minutes is entirely too long to microwave five donut holes.

I opened the microwave door and not only were the donut holes blackened, but heavy smoke came pouring out, filling the office. Thankfully, it was a nice day and we could open the windows to clear the air, but needless to say I was teased pretty relentlessly (and rightfully so) for my stupidity that day.

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