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July 6th, 2006

Chase Doesn’t Get It

I logged in to my Chase account last night and was pleasantly surprised to see that next to our checking and savings accounts, our car loan was there. Great! Nice! Hooray!

But there’s not the level of integration I’d like. I can pay online for sure, but I need to provide my routing and account numbers. Uh… you know I have a checking account with you; why do I need to provide that? Lame.

The other lame thing, though, is that if I want to pay my bill online, I have to pay an extra $10 each month. That makes absolutely no sense to me: I’m causing less paperwork, fewer potential screwups, and you want me to pay a rather high $10 for that? Come now.

I really didn’t like Chase’s online banking when they morphed from BankOne’s superb module. I was a little happier today until I saw the lack of integration and that silly $10 charge. Ridiculous.

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