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July 5th, 2006

Half-sized sandwich bags

The only thing that comes close to matching the sheer usefulness of the pick-a-size paper towel roll (I know I’ve written about it before… where the heck is it?) is the Ziploc snack bag which are, essentially, half-sized sandwich bags. Most of the time when packing snacks for lunch, I end up filling a regular-sized sandwich bag 3/4 of the way full. Not only does it leave a lot of empty space in the bag, it also results in me eating more salty and sweet snacks than I should. These snack bags are perfect to make sure you not only save room in your bag, but don’t gorge yourself on Oreos (not that I’d ever do that!) when you should be eating a peach.

Ziploc can’t really improve on their original bag very much, but little changes like this make for actually useful innovation, rather than worrying about trying to market about a “double zipper” that no one cares about.

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