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August 7th, 2006

Pepsi Jazz

I’m sure I’m a bit late recognizing this, but Pepsi’s got a new cola on the market and it’s called Pepsi Jazz. Awful, awful name aside, Pepsi Jazz will be a new line of fruit-flavored diet sodas. The one I’ve seen ’round these parts has been Strawberry Cream (or was it Creme?). One “industry expert” says that this move will add “some excitement” to Pepsi’s cola offerings. EXCITEMENT~!

Anyone tried it yet? The ingredient list scared me enough to keep me away, but I’m curious as to whether the strawberries and cream/creme are enough to mask the typical “diet soda” flavor.

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Terry M. August 30, 2006, 12:00 am

I was in PDX last week (BTW, do we have a ping on travel disasters? Because boy do I ever have a travel horror story to tell), and saw Pepsi Jazz (of the Strawberry & Cream variety) for the first time the company cafe. While berry-flavored cola is certifiably the juice of the gods, cream soda is a disgusting and vile poison, so my feelings were mixed. I will hold out for the Cherry version, but no sign yet in the Reuplic of Texas … nor of the 3 liter bottle which is the only proper container from which to drink Pepsi.

Congrats Paul & Ryan on the updated site! It looks fantastic – incredible work cranking it out so quickly!

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