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September 24th, 2006

Hey Pal, I Think Something Fell Out Of Your Window

Our current neighbors in the house next door are a bunch of college kids. They’re pretty standard: they drink a lot of beer (evidenced by a recycling bin filled with Miller Lite cans), they play a lot of loud music, and they sleep until noon on weekends.

We had some fierce storms run through our area the night before last – hail, tornado warnings, high winds. It was a nasty evening, and when running errands yesterday morning I noticed that our neighbor’s window air conditioner had fallen from the window and was laying face up on the ground.

Still plugged in.

I just chuckled to myself, and it was still there when I returned an hour later. Then it started raining heavily again… and yes, the air conditioner was still on the gangway sidewalk, still plugged in! Apparently someone clued the college kids in, though, for the air conditioner – which had now been waterlogged – was back in the window.

I guess the rain water was just a bonus humidifier feature.

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