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October 14th, 2006

Oprah and Bono

Easily one of the most surreal moments of the past week was seeing Bono here in Chicago with Oprah, shopping on Michigan Avenue. Even weirder, though, was Oprah driving a car. I mean, Oprah? Driving?

Imagine pulling up next to her in traffic that morning. You look over, and there’s Oprah! And, Bono’s in the passenger’s seat! That, my friends, is the surreal life.

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Bob October 20, 2006, 2:03 pm

Mr.Bono, I hear you are part of the fight against malaria, does this mean you have studied the most effective treatment for malaria, DDT. Maybe a star of your level can wade through the hypocrisy to find out the truth about DDT. Is DDT as dangerous as people believe? Why isn’t DDT used against malaria where it had previously saved the lives of six million people a year. Is DDT left gathering dust because a buildup of possibly dangerous chemicals in the average westerners diet is much more important than saving millions of lives in the developing world. Who can cut through the crap and get to the truth, me or you.

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