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October 13th, 2006

Idea: Single Sign-on Social Site Aggregator

Among the many things I love about LibraryThing is one little feature that I wish would spin off to its own site. Go to my profile page and see “Also In.” LibraryThing lets you enter your usernames on a bunch of other social networking sites, then automatically links them up on your profile page. Brilliant! One other site I recently signed up on has a similar feature.

But, here’s the thing: no way I want to do that on every new site I sign up for. What about a single site with an API that would let social sites tap into it and automatically spit out “also on…” pages like LibraryThing? Users would only have to maintain their information at one site and all of the other sites would then have access to the most recent information. Maybe there would even be ways for it to automatically be submitted to this site when you sign up for the next MySpace clone you want to try.

C’mon, Lazyweb, make it happen!

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COD October 13, 2006, 3:53 pm

With Yahoo finally releasing an API to their user dB – it might happen. Everybody has a Yahoo login, so it could quickly become a defacto single sign on solution if developers adopt it. Then you would be able to maintain identity across multiple sites easily.

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