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January 5th, 2007

Smell Flashback: Rain

It’s raining in Virginia this morning and when I opened the doors to the lobby at work, I was hit with a smell that I remembered well from childhood: wet carpet on a rainy day.

I remember walking into the classroom, my jacket and bookbag dripping wet and my shoes squeaking on the floors all the way there. Most of the other kids had already filed into place, so all their soaked outerwear was already hanging on the hooks and dripping on the carpet. For the rest of the day, the room had that dreary, dank scent. It wasn’t as bad as wet socks (which sometimes came into the mix), but it was… a distinctive aroma.

Take a deep breath… what do you smell?

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Steve A January 6, 2007, 12:21 pm

Off the subject, but happy anniversary. Ping away, SeƱors!


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