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April 20th, 2003

Shorts Weather

The weather in Chicago has been quite wacky lately. It snowed about 2 weeks ago, and the following week it was 80 degrees. Yesterday it was 75, and it’s going to be a lot cooler sooner.

But whenever seasons change, there’s always the temptation to jump the gun and wear shorts. Always. But do you wear shorts? It’s a big risk in a place such as Chicago; it could be cold by the late afternoon, or you could look foolish.

I’m curious if any Pingers have been able to break out the shorts yet. Especially those in colder climates. Me? No way – it’s a fashion faux pas, and I am highly concerned about fashion.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday April 20, 2003 -- 10:00:13 am
Yep, spent the day in shorts several times already.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Sunday April 20, 2003 -- 11:56:56 am
I'm a short kind of guy as long as it is above 40 degrees. For me, that is a step down from when I was in high school. I used to ski all the time in high school, and on some of the warmer days (above 32), I'd be skiing in shorts for part of the day. Some people would look at me silly, but I loved it, and really wasn't cold, with the sun beating off the snow.

In any case, yeah, I'm shorts right now, (60 today), and was able to wear them last week, when we had unseasonably warm weather (80's), but I'm still not as gung-ho about shorts as I used to be.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday April 20, 2003 -- 12:12:53 pm
I prefer capris....they keep you cool, but then you don't frrrrrreeze when inside someplace where the AC is cranked too high.

My biggest freedom is just not wearing a coat. If it is above 40 and not windy, I will just wear a sweatshirt for warmth. I love driving without the bulk of a coat to make you uncomfortable.

I was in southern CA in February and wore flip-flops nearly everyday just because I could! I hope I did not tell this story already: I met a friend for lunch, and I was in a t-shirt, capris, and flip-flops. HE was in a long sleeve shirt with a light wool sweater overtop! It was 60!!! Then I came home to the aftermath of 30" of snow.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 3:50:46 pm
Last summer was the longest run of shorts wearing yet for myself. I wore them straight from april until october. No pants except for weddings and such!

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