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January 26th, 2007

Pingliminal Advertising

There was a minor brouhaha on the internets this past week when someone thought he found a subliminal ad for McDonald’s on Food Network. Food Network has finally responded and denied it, saying they don’t do subliminal advertising.

Truth? Fiction? How can we know? Well, thanks to TiVo and other DVRs, we can. I encourage everyone to start watching their recordings in slow motion, looking for any subliminal ads.

For instance, I found one. I did. I was watching a rerun of Star Trek: Voyager from two weeks ago and if I paused the playback during the third act of this particular episode I could see an ad for the US Army. Really! It was there, a guy in uniform and everything. Oh, and this one time on My Name is Earl there was a full-frame ad for Burger King… I tell you, I got really hungry then. Really!

These aren’t the best examples, perhaps. Perhaps you, as Pingers, have (cough) seen better ones out there. Have you?

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