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August 14th, 2007

Sarah Silverman: Funny the First Time

Back in January, I saw Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic with friends. And it was funny. It was really, really funny. I enjoyed it.

Then along came The Sarah Silverman Program on TV. I watched it and, well… it was more of the same. Sarah Silverman’s schtick is that she says outrageous and non-PC things, and doesn’t look the part. That’s about it. By the end of the first episode, I was tired of it.

I can understand why people think she’s funny but, you know, there’s just no staying power there. I don’t wish her ill as I do with Gwen Stefani; rather I just wish she’d come up with something new and different. Like clean jokes. That would be innovative.

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Ryan August 15, 2007, 3:34 am

I dunno… I watched the full first season of the show and didn’t get tired of her schtick… the only time she starts to wear a bit thin is when she’s doing a talk show.

I really enjoyed the Program and I’m looking forward to season two.

You’re stupid and always wrong, Paul!

Paul August 16, 2007, 2:04 pm

I should note that Silverman’s appearance on Monk this season (a recurring role apparently) was gosh darn funny and didn’t bother me. I should note this, but I won’t.

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