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September 12th, 2007

I Hate That BS

I provide you a short conversation I had a few weeks ago.

SCENE: Inside O’Hare airport. Paul, our narrator, has just stepped off the plane. Having prearranged a cab ride to his home, he dials the cab company on his cell phone in order to alert them of his arrival. He is walking down Concourse C, his least favorite.

Phone: “Thank you for calling the cab company. To speak with an agent, press zero.”

Paul: (presses zero)

Phone: “Just a moment.”

A moment passes.

Phone: “All agents are currently busy. Please stay on the line.”

Paul: “That’s bullshit, all agents aren’t busy. I hate that bullshit!”

So yes, “I hate that bullshit” is my new catch phrase. I laughed at myself after saying that because, well, who likes bullshit? I believe no one. Just to clarify, I’ve created this chart.

The margin of error is +/- 2%, by the way. Who likes that bullshit?

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