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October 20th, 2007


A funny thing happened on the way to me becoming older. When I was growing up, I hated – hatedguacamole. It was up there with brussels sprouts and licorice as one of my truly hated foods.

In the past few years though, I’ve come to actually tolerate and (ready?) sometimes really like the stuff. I think it’s a little less accessible than, say, nacho cheese. That’s probably why I hated it for so long.

And now a story.

Many many years ago, my friends and I were pals with a waitress at a local restaurant. She’d give us free pie, deep discounts, etc. Well, one of our friends, Jeff, really hated guacamole – even more than I did. So we collaborated with this waitress to occasionally add guacamole to his orders. I was impressed when she added guacamole, per our request, to a slice of chocolate pie. (In the middle of it.) But the winner was when she added it to a soft drink for us. A green glob of guacamole. In a soft drink.

Maybe I didn’t hate it; maybe I feared its sudden, mysterious appearance in my foods.

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Robert October 21, 2007, 1:56 pm

George Carlin says guacamole sounds like something a person yells when he’s on fire. That’s my hardwired association.

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