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December 8th, 2007

Ron Paul Who Now?

It’s funny. I assume that everyone knows who Ron Paul is, just like I assume everyone knows who Dennis Kucinich is. But that might be a bad assumption on my part.

I noticed this past week that my local train station was plastered with Ron Paul bumper stickers. Someone went nuts and put them almost everywhere: hand rails, stairs, sidewalks, you name it.

On the way out of the station on Thursday there were a couple of business guys behind me talking loudly and one of them said, plainly, “Look at this Ron Paul stuff. Who is this Ron Paul guy?” As each sticker said, “Ron Paul – President 2008” the other responded, “I guess he’s running for President.”

This gave me a little bit of hope though, as it meant I could plaster the same station with stickers saying, “Paul McAleer – Awesome, All The Time.” Then people would respond, simply, “I guess he’s awesome, all the time.”

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