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December 11th, 2007

Christmas Lights

I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon this year in retail stores: it’s gotten difficult to find Christmas lights. Regular old Christmas lights.

In particular, I was looking to pick up one or two extra sets of net lights for bushes in our front yard. In the past, they were easy to find at K-Mart. K-Mart’s no longer around here, so I checked Target. Zippy. I checked Wal-Mart. Nothing, except that dirty feeling you get when you walk into a Wal-Mart. Party City. Lots of crappy lawn ornaments and party decorations, but no lights. Finally I found some at Home Depot, but jeez… it was the fourth place I checked. What’s up with that?

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COD December 11, 2007, 4:31 pm

My wife bought 10 strings at Target for $10. They are so cheap is almost not worth even trying to save them each year. They are made in China and probably coated in lead, but I figure as long as we don’t lick the lights we should be fine.

Paul December 11, 2007, 10:08 pm

Odd, because I’m sure I saw plenty of lights at Target… around Halloween.

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