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January 11th, 2008


Soap Operas are pretty amazing when you think about it. They’ve been around forever (1963) and churn out an amazing amount of content, way more than any prime time drama series. Sure, they tend to be a bit hokey (I remember a period on General Hospital where they were doing alien-themed storylines), but they tend to remain true to their histories and frequently bring back characters, like little Robin Scorpio becoming a doctor (and starting a blog) or Luke and Laura.

If it sounds like I know a bit too much about soap operas, particularly GH, that’s because when I was young, I did watch some with my mom. My grandmother loved her “stories,” too, and was thrilled when she visited us because she could catch repeats or classic episodes on SoapNet. She never subscribed to the grocery store aisle staple Soap Opera Digest, however.

I haven’t even peeked at a soap opera in five or six years (too busy watching the plethora of crappy court shows). I’m kind of curious what they look like these days.

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jk January 11, 2008, 5:09 pm

Stefano is still not dead!

COD January 11, 2008, 6:00 pm

I will admit to rarely missing Knot’s Landing while in college. I was usually watching it with a girl though. Of course, that was a night time soap, which I think only meant that they had a little more leeway with the network censors.

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