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January 10th, 2008

Browser Check II

Over the past several years I’ve bounced between a number of web browsers for various reasons. I do development on this here web, and that requires a certain set of tools… namely, the ones available in Firefox. But for general recreational browsing I’ve tried just about all of them on OS X.

Nowadays I find I’m most comfortable with OmniWeb. It uses Safari’s rendering engine so display-wise, it’s on par with Safari – certainly not a bad browser by any means. Fast. Speedy. I like the way OmniWeb feels right at home in OS X – no clunky interface like Firefox. And I’ve tried Camino, which is a native port of Firefox for OS X, but there have been a number of Goofy-Ass™ limitations it’s had since time immemorial such as allowing just one username/password combo to be stored per domain. Wacky.

Safari is a really slick, minimalist browser. But OmniWeb has won me over.

What’s your browser of choice? (IE users: please defend further.)

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