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February 11th, 2008

Political calls/e-mails

I really dislike that political campaigns aren’t held to the DO NOT CALL list, nor do they seem to be held to any anti-spam laws. Tomorrow’s primary day here in VA and in the past two weeks, I’ve received half a dozen calls from one specific campaign (or a particular party, in one case). They’re very, very annoying. In addition, I’ve been receiving way too many e-mails from the same campaign because I suspect the candidate I supported passed on all of their e-mail addresses when he dropped out of the race. Worse, though, is that many e-mails are sent by local coordinators from their AOL account, so there’s obviously no unsubscribe option. Incredibly freaking annoying.

I know the contact will drop a bit after Tuesday, but will pick up again in earnest shortly thereafter. And, really, I’m not looking forward to it. I know a lot of people are swayed by this type of thing, but really, guys, I’m a big boy. I can read up on candidates and make a decision about who I’m going to vote for. And while I don’t mind occasionally participating in one of your polls, it’s getting a little tiresome.

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Steve A February 12, 2008, 12:37 am

You might want to mention to one of those campaign marketers that the same method they use to drum up *new votes* is the same method that can cause you to change your mind.

It’s worked for me in the past. (Back when I too was a VA resident.)


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