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April 5th, 2008

In love with my battery charger

A couple of weeks ago I bought a battery charger. I am in love with it. I snuggle it at nighttime. I kiss it in the morning when i wake up.

Why am I excited about a regular ol’ battery charger, you ask? “I got a quick charger from Target with batteries for $20 and yours cost $80!” Actually, mine cost $40, came with eight batteries, a carrying bag, an adapters to turn AA batteries into C or D cell batteries. Plus, did you know that charging your batteries fast wears them out more quickly? This puppy (note: not an actual puppy) can charge at a number of different rates, including a slow charge to give your batteries maximum life. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to bring rechargeable batteries that you thought were dead back to life. Sure, it takes a couple days of draining and slow recharging, but to get new life out of eight year old batteries is pretty nifty.

Plus, there are all sorts of geeky display options.

Hooray for battery chargers!

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