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April 11th, 2008

Flickr users are whiny

Just the other day, photo sharing site Flickr introduced the ability to upload short, 90-second videos. I thought to myself, “Hey, nice. Short, slice-of-life videos that can be controlled and shared in the same way photos are. Good stuff.”

Other people got pissed.

Just like they did when the UI changed a little bit. And just like they did when Yahoo! bought Flickr.

Flickr users may be passionate, but man oh man, can they whine. Will it really be the “YouTube-ification” of Flickr? Nah. Flickr’s always been just quirky enough in terms of its UI that it avoids the complete mainstream acceptance that could kill the “culture” surrounding it.

In other news, Flickr users are protesting both air’s breathability by everybody (“It just waters down what air actually is if everyone can use it”) and the cuteness of puppies (“The last thing we need is the further divvying-up of what cuteness kittens already have… before you know it, everything will be cute and therefore nothing will be cute.”).

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Paul April 11, 2008, 4:11 pm

The Daily Ping hasn’t been the same since we brought in the broken “one year ago today” thing. I mean, where’s the integrity?

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