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April 28th, 2008

Home Depot: Now I Understand

As a renter for many years, I admit I never fully understood the power behind home improvement stores. Oh sure, I’d stop in and get a weird/occasional item. Mostly weird. But now that I’m officially a homeowner (in Miami, with a lanai) stores like Home Depot have taken on a whole new feeling.

Instead of walking in and being amazed at how much stuff there is, I’m now walking in and thinking about how much stuff I want. A trip there on Saturday for a lawnmower (new thing to get!) involved getting doorknobs, stuff for the grill, and a programmable thermostat. It’s dangerous stuff. (All of that was necessary, by the way.)

So to those of you who rent, consider this a warning: either get used to the idea of going to a home improvement store all the time now, or just don’t go at all until you own a place.

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Steve A April 29, 2008, 1:04 am

So he really WASN’T kidding about you moving to Miami. Cool beans!
I went to my culinary university in N. Miami, right off US 1. I loved that city. And it’s so damn easy to navigate.

Ciao, or should I say, Hasta Luego,

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