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April 27th, 2008

Old School

I’ve always been a fan of Sesame Street. As far as kids’ shows go, it’s one of the smartest and most consistently well-made. Next year marks 40 years (!) of Sesame Street and today, we sat down and had a family viewing of the first episode, thanks to the amazing Sesame Street Old School DVD set.

Three things that are a bit jarring about episode #1:

  • Rather than being an innocent child-like character, Big Bird is more just goofy and dumb. Also, he looks like his head got stuck in a propeller, as he’s missing his rather impressive plumage.
  • Oscar is orange, and
  • (see above photo) Gordon has hair

Also, no Grover. The character that would eventually become Grover didn’t debut for another month.

Other than that, the show is remarkably similar to the show that’s still on the air today. Bravo, Children’s Television Workshop!

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