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June 17th, 2008


How has the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes changed the way you eat?

Us, we’ve held off on buying any regular size and roma tomatoes and tossed one we bought before the salmonella cases started popping up (and we cooked a few others). We have a jar of salsa sitting in the pantry that we’re treating like an unwanted stepchild (“Should we open it?” “No… just leave it there and ignore it.”). I suspect that when we start getting tomatoes from the local CSA, we’ll start eating them again, but there’s really no guarantee that local farms are exempt if the cause of the salmonella is something like fertilizer that may have been purchased from the same source as the larger farms affected by the outbreak so far.

Of course, the positive affect from all of this is that maybe more people will start growing their own tomatoes. We did this a few years ago with some success and may try it again.

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