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November 17th, 2008

A Story of a Tailgater

The other night, at about 11pm, I was travelling on the Baltimore beltway. I was in the fast lane, going about 67 in a 55, passing slower cars in the other two lanes. I look back and there was someone tailgating me pretty closely. He wasn’t backing off, even though the roads were wet and I was already 12 miles over the speed limit. “Asshole,” I thought, and sped up just enough to pass the next car and pull one lane over to let the jerk pass.

I looked over and lo and behold: a state trooper went by me at at least 75 mph. He wasn’t after anybody, he was just speeding and tailgating.

So, hey, Maryland State Troopers: slow down and stop driving like idiots.

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jk November 18, 2008, 2:56 am

When we visit my nephew at the Academy, my dad loves to remind me that they call the Beltway “Suicide Circle.” When I lived there, we didn’t call it that! People in MD do drive crazy though, so now we know who’s to blame.

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