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December 1st, 2008

Amie Street

(Ack! Is it December 1st already? Santa stole my mind and, hence, this very late Ping.)

When it first launched, I visited Amie Street and thinking, “Huh.” I didn’t return until Pinger COD mentioned it on his twitter stream a couple of months ago. Since then, I’ve become a big fan.

Amie Street is yet another (legal) mp3 store. But they follow an interesting model: all songs start free (or very cheap). As they’re downloaded more and more, their value (and price) increases up to a maximum of 98 cents per song. Their selection is pretty impressive, too. There are artists you’ve never heard of, popular artists, and established-but-obscure artists from the past. Yesterday, I downloaded a handful of old jazz albums and new hip-hop albums and paid no more than a couple bucks for any of the albums. It’s a great for the artists (free tracks spread the word until eventually it reaches a point where the artist makes money, more and more as they get popular) and great for listeners (cheap music!). The only complaints I have are that the album info pages could use a little more detail and the downloaded MP3s always seem to be missing their “year” tags (and possibly others).

So, take a peek. Find some new music, find some old music, and save lots of money.

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