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December 26th, 2008

Nostalgia: The End of VHS

Technology marches on: an LA Times story noted that the final, final, final shipment of VHS tapes was sent out of a Florida company’s warehouse this month.

I remember when VCRs were a newish idea and started becoming affordable in the early 80s. I’m pretty sure my parents got our first VCR around ’83; it was a top load one with a manual counter. The remote control was wired, and only had basic functions not unlike a modern Apple remote.

We never got a camcorder, but we rented lots of movies. Our local movie store was JAMM Video. It was a family-owned business that eventually branched into LaserDiscs before losing out altogether to the crushing blow of Blockbuster Video. We’d usually get a video and pizza on Saturday night. Popping in the tape, adjusting the tracking, and watching the movie was something a little more special because it was all so new back then.

I still have a couple of VHS tapes, and one of them is a tape of a bunch of random stuff I recorded in 1984. There’s TBS’s Good News with “Weird Al”, a bunch of cartoons, and lots of Three Stooges shorts. The funny part is that I no longer have a VCR with which to watch the tape.

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COD December 26, 2008, 9:40 pm

We sold a bunch of kids VHS tapes just a few months ago on Ebay. I was shocked at how much we got for them.

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